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Toastmasters legacy?

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Somewhere around the time that I was moving into district leadership, I think it was when I was running for Lt. Gov’r of Marketing (LGM), I was mentioning Toastmasters more often to family and friends, and my father casually mentioned that he had been a Toastmaster for a while.

He’d never talked about it before, and it turns out I was just 2-3 years old when he was involved.  He thinks it was at most 6 months one winter, then the spring planting season on the farm required him to miss a few months, and he never went back.  He says he did maybe 2-3 speeches, and was favorably impressed with it, it just didn’t fit into a farmer’s schedule.

Now, he’s a member of another college/community organization that requires him to write and deliver (orally) a major paper (usually historical in nature) once every two years.

The Toastmasters club in the town I grew up in is long defunct, but with a college there (central Iowa), they should try one again.  It’s too far away for me to provide any sort of direct support though.

I guess that makes me a Toastmasters “legacy”!

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